Sneaker Service Treatments

Find out which option works best for you. Uncertain?
Let our experienced technicians determine which is the best fit for your shoes.
NOTE: Special Care is an essential add-on service of R200 for all whites, suede, nubuck, knits, and canvas pairs. These materials will undergo multiple cleaning and drying sessions.


Basic Cleaning - P400

It's 'basically' what you see when you're wearing your shoes. Includes: laces, upper, & midsole.

Deep Cleaning - P550

It's a total exterior clean of your shoes. Includes: laces, upper, insole, midsole & outsole.

Thorough Cleaning - P850

The Sneaker Support Special, our signature cleaning service is the most comprehensive type of cleaning. Aside from cleaning every area of the shoe, it includes addressing issues which the eye can't see. Includes: laces, upper, midsole, outsole, and insole.

Add-On Service

Special Care - R200

For whites, suede, nubuck, knits, and canvas will need the Special Care treatment add-on

Add-On Service

Protective Repel - R200

Acts as a shield against forces such as dirt, water, or anything that may stain your shoes.

Add-On Service

Deodorizing - P150

Eliminates odor causing bacteria to make sure your shoes come back smelling fresh.

Customer Service Guarantee

We want to make sure your experience with Sneaker Support is a positive one. If you’re not satisfied with your clean and fresh sneakers, we will do it again. No questions asked!